Help the Meeblings get to their home in this fun sequel to Meeblings!
Physics based puzzler where you must figure out how much power and what angle to use to blow-up the opposition.  Use your grenades wisely as you have a limited amount! Fragger Blosics Knock down structures of blocks with your wrecking ball.  Finish this game and play the follow up game Blosics 2 on Virus Laboratory A fast paced block breaking game where you must remove the viruses when they are close to other same color viruses.  Hurry so that the viruses don’t overflow the board. Roly-Poly Cannon Roly-Poly bugs have invaded the area.  Use Your trusty cannon and an accurate aim to get rid of them. Max Damage 2 Max Damage is back for more wild destructive mayhem.  You can also play Max Damage 1 at Way of an Idea Draw chalk-lines on the board to guide the apple (“the idea”) on its way to Einstein’s head in this physics based puzzler.  Cover Orange Physics based game where you'll need to strategically drop various objects to protect the Orange from the rain.  Play the sequel, Cover Orange 2, at Little Rocket Collect 16 pink stars to complete the game or just have fun flying around. You can find pink stars by figuring out puzzles, clicking on objects, and collecting orange stars.
Crumbled 2 Draw your way past deadly obstacles and then guide the crumbled piece of paper to the end of each of the 30 levels.   The Idiot Test Monkey Treasure Take It Down MORE GAMES >>>>>> MORE GAMES >>>>>> Big Block Number Swap Guardian Rock Five Similarities Find out if you’re a genius or not in this tricky test of intelligence!   Pirates, monkeys, sharks, oh my!  Help the treasure lovin’ monkeys collect all the jewels, gold coins, gems, and more before the pirates attack.  Don’t forget to collect bombs to ward off the pirates. Did you ever want to be a demolition expert?  Well here’s your chance.  Take pieces out of the building to bring it down without damaging nearby buildings while keeping the workers from hitting the ground.   Remove blocks to clear the board.  Each level gets progessively faster so you’ll have to stay on your toes and use your brick destroying bombs wisely.   Slide and rotate the numbers to put them in sequence in this challenging puzzler.   As Guardian Rock you’ll need to eliminate all puny humans from each level while avoiding spikes, TNT and cannonballs.   Look for the similarities between the two pictures in this game rather than the differences.  Find five of them quickly before the timer runs out!