The Jolls kids have run off again!  Help collect all of them in this physics based game featuring 31 levels and 9 levels. Jolls Farm Roads Connect the farming community by linking all the isolated roads in order to join the paddocks, plantations, windmills, farm houses and barns.  Only one level but it is one BIG level. Line to Reach Guide the ball to its destination by drawing lines for it to bounce off.  This can be tricky as you can only have three lines on the screen at one time.
Practice your Chess skills in this collection Chess tasks on mating in the specified number of moves.  Features 650 tasks and 6 skill levels. Mate Master Dude Bear Love Adventure Help Dude Bear win the heart of his love in this physics based puzzler.  To do so he’ll have to collect all of the hearts and roll to his girlfriend so that he can give her a rose. Biff and Baff - Clone Chaos Get Biff, Baff and friends to the right exits by drawing a path for each of the guys.  But watch out you don’t want them colliding!  The game starts slow but gets crazy soon enough. Use quick thinking and clever geometry to exterminate the approaching  insects. Form destructive triangles by selecting three nodes at a time with the mouse. Simian Shard Huje Tower An addicting puzzle game with real world physics, similar to World of Goo. Build a tower using funny little bacterias to reach the line. Try to complete four different chapters and all 40 levels to set a top score. Vampire Fever You're Viro, a ninja who stands against evil creatures!  Yet you're a complex guy.   Instead of using conventional weapons, you spread a virus which only affects demons and undeads.  Now go out and save the world! The sequel to the ever popular Incredibots, the physics based robot building game! . Incredibots 2 Wall E Similarities Identify the similarities in the two different images. Seige Master Use your catapult to bring down the enemies buildings and castles.  Choose the angle, strength and projectile to use in this physics base game. Aubital is a mysterious physics-based puzzle game in which you play a robot. Escape the dark tunnel with the only source of light created by your dwindling power. Aubital Haunted Mirror Maze Find all of the vampires, zombies and ghosts using the numeric clues in this fun puzzler. Light UP Light up all of the bulbs in this tricky puzzler. Hexiom Connect Hexiom is back, with a new twist!  Rearrange the tiles to light up all the color coded connections..